English summary of NGS newsletter - April 2016

Prepare RNA libraries at DNA prices with simplified work flow and top quality results

KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq Kits - even difficult messages should be understood.

Detect low-abundance transcripts
  • Enables identification of transcripts missed by competitor kits, even with high input
  • High uniformity across varying amounts of sample input
Uncover challenging transcripts
  • Improved coverage of GC-rich transcripts
  • Enhanced identification of exonic regions
Identify more genes
  • Higher percentage of uniquely mapped reads compared to Illumina TruSeq™ Stranded mRNA Sample Prep Kits
  • Lower duplication rates yield better coverage
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KAPA Stranded mRNA-Seq kit 24 reactions
Cat.no: KK8420
Price: 13 145 SEK

Includes KAPA mRNA ”capture beads”.

KAPA Stranded RNA-Seq kit 24 reactions
Cat no: KK8400
Price: 11 664 SEK

Dedicated robot for NGS library prep

Price from only 600 000:-

ACSIA NGS robots for library preparation and "capture".

Robots with affordable price for small and medium sized NGS labs. Available with or without cabinet and with / without UV and HEPA filters.

Prepares 1 to 96 samples automatically. Handles 1 to 96 samples of "captures" of which 48 automatically at a time without user intervention.

75% lower consumption of pipette tips than manual prep (special re-use racks).Users can easily program the new kits themselves. Recommended by for instance Roche.

Examples of available protocols:
Agilent Sure Select XT.
Roche / Nimblegen SeqCap EZ exome libraries, Single / double
Illumina Rapid Capture
Illumina TruSight
Illumina TruSeq Stranded Total RNA
Illumina SureSelectXT Target Enrichment System Paired-End
Kapa High Throughput Library Preparation Kit for Illumina

More protocols on request. We add protocols on demand as well as customers can add protocols easily themselves.

KAPA Hyper Prep kits

Shift your workflow into hyperdrive.

The KAPA Hyper Prep Kit is a versatile, streamlined solution for DNA library preparation for Illumina sequencing. The novel one-tube chemistry, optimally formulated and evolved enzymes enable higher yields of adapter-ligated library and lower amplification bias. This translates to higher library diversity, lower duplication rates and more uniform coverage, particularly for FFPE and low-input samples.

Product highlights

Improve library yields and sequence quality
  • Higher library yields translate to greater molecular complexity
  • Fewer cycles of amplification with KAPA HiFi DNA Polymerase results in lower duplication rates and improved coverage

Create high-quality libraries from FFPE samples
  • Generate high-quality libraries from 250 ng FFPE DNA or less
  • Significantly lower duplication rates and higher coverage

Complete library construction in less than 3 hours

  • One-tube workflow with minimal cleanup steps reduces overall time, and minimizes hands-on time
  • Sample-to-library in <2 hours for PCR-free workflows, or <3 hours with amplification
  • Fewer handling steps lead to improved consistency and reproducibility  

Improve performance with low-input samples
  • Generate more sequence-quality library molecules without increasing adapter-dimers
  • Increase yields without inducing size bias

ThunderBolts Cancer panel & Myeloid panel

NGS panels for MiSeq & HiSeq in combination with RainDance Thunderbolts offers superior coverage, sensitivity and workflow.

Developed in collaboration with a consortium of hematology and oncology experts from US and Europe.

Other benefits:
  • Requires little sample material (including FFPE)
  • Faster
  • Small investment
  • Broader panels with relevant mutations / cancers

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Testing discount on selected kits from KAPA!

If you have not tried these kits, we give you the chancby offering you a testing discount of 50% (one time per kit type listed below).

KAPA Library Amplification kit
Reduces bias and increases "coverage".
Genetically designed polymerase, the recognized leading amplification, lowest "error rate". Used by all major institutions. Better amplification of  GC rich and AT rich templates (handles up to 75%).

KAPA Library Quantification kit
The market's safest quantification.
Complete kit with high-end performance KAPA SYBR FAST PCR mix, optimized primer pre-mixes and final diluted quality controlled standards provides equivalent amplification of GC and AT rich templates, no batch-to-batch differences.Available for Illumina, Ion Torrent and others.

KAPA HiFi Uracil+
The highest yield, lowest bias and most uniform sequence coverage for methylated DNA.
Higher yield and decreased size bias.
More uniform sequence coverage.
Improved representation of AT rich sequences.

Do you want higher sensitivity?

Check out RainDrop!

The world's most sensitive system for detection of DNA/RNA

Read more about RainDrop here

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