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Networking meeting for Life Science in Lund on March 31

Published den 24 mars 2016 10:41
We are participating in the international forum The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science at Medicon Village in Lund on March 31.

The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science is an annual, international networking forum. 
The target audience are decision makers in the pharma, biotech, medtech and healthcare sectors, R&D-­persons from the industry and academia. Other targeted groups are investors, authorities and politicians.

How do we initialize cross-border partnerships between pharma, biobanking and healthcare? What roles will clinics and health organizations, academy and industry have in making this a reality? An inventory is needed to create a shared vision of how a triple-helix approach can be developed, leading to innovative processes and personalized solutions. How can we get a closer collaboration between Swedish & Danish Life Science? How can the Nordic Region reach its full potential to become a European first-class innovation example using a world class research infrastructure and outstanding talents?

Themes for the meeting are:
  • How can we speed up time and streamline the Nordic Life Science Ecosystem in terms of the healthcare system (e-health etc), financing, new drugs, market access etc.
  • How can we strengthen collaboration between Swedish and Danish life science and industry, academia and clinics?
  • How can we learn from other Life Science Ecosystems?
  • Biobanking/Stem cells

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