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Techtum signs prestigious order in Denmark

Published den 28 juni 2016 11:33
Press release 2016-06-28

Techtum Lab has signed a contract for delivery and installation of a system for digital PCR. The client is a private research laboratory of high reputation in Copenhagen. The system is the second of its kind to be installed in the Nordic region.

The order value is approximately 2 MSEK the first year and thereafter consumables of about 700 kSEK per year.

A few months ago Techtum signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Nordic region with US company RainDance, which is the world leader in digital PCR; an area that is gaining ground.

"It is very nice that RainDance choose to work with Techtum, it shows that our efforts to become a knowledge company pay off", Techtum CEO Håkan Evefors says in a statement.

"The order is in itself a merit; but if the customer wants the most sensitive detection of DNA/RNA, there really are no alternatives to RainDance's Raindrop systems today" Håkan Evefors continues.

Delivery will take place in August.

Original press release (in Swedish) at Aktietorget
Since 1975 we have provided laboratories working with DNA, RNA and proteins with innovative instruments and consumables. Techtum is especially appreciated for skilled fast personal contact and a trusted support also after purchase.
Our goal is that You, as our customer, is offered innovative/smart/cost effective products to help you in your research or diagnostics.
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