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Know your beads!

Published Tuesday, May 22, 2018 14:03

For hard to lyse samples, we are giving 40% off for lysis kits in combination with beads from Macherey Nagel. Both RNA and DNA isolation kits are available, select the type of beads that will be suitable for your assay (Type A - G, i.e. ceramic, corundum, steel beads). See our selection guide.


About the Bead Tubes

MN has now utilized its experience in RNA and DNA purification and has developed several NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes for efficient sample homogenization. These NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes are provided in different variants (e.g., glass beads, corundum, steel beads) appropriate to the respective application and/or sample material. For example, the NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type A are recommended fo homgenizing soil and sediments. Together with NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type G , being highly efficient in disrupting plant material,  these bead tubes are very interesting for scientists working on metagenomic studies. The NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type B and C are of use for researchers working on microbiome analysis as these tubes can be used for the lysis of microbial organisms. NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type F are intended for clinical samples, especially for difficult to lyse tissue samples such as spleen or lung material. Even for insects, a special NucleoSpin® Bead Tube Type D is available. 

The NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes are already included in specific kits for RNA or DNA purification depending on the application. MN provides e.g., the NucleoSpin® DNA Insect kits with NucleoSpin® Bead Tubes Type D or the NucleoSpin® RNA Stool kit with NucleoSpin® Bead Tube Type A (from the website).



How to select the beads and kits?









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