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Back to lab. News and events from Techtum this autumn.

Published Tuesday, August 07, 2018 14:52


Welcome back!


The holiday is almost over this August for most of you. To help you settling back to the routines, here are some exciting news about our kits and events to attend.




Product news


New data from PCRBIO on Ultra Polymerase

Here comes new figures in the flyer and new product manuals for this 'problem solver' enzyme. The product flyer has 3 new figures one which showing the enzyme is working comfortably at 6kb, efficient amplification of high GC templates, and stability at 4°C, 25°C and 37°C.


Product manuals


MN NucleoMag® kits automated on KingFisher® Flex

A series of new application notes is just published. They demonstrate the automated purification of RNA and DNA from various samples. Among them are tissue, cells, plant, fungi, food and feed samples. This is such a great news, because it opens up an opportunity for NucleoMag® kits to be automated in other platform that we distribute such as Rob.

Application notes:

RNA from tissue and cells

RNA from plant

DNA from tissue and cells

DNA from plant and fungi

DNA from food and feed


MN NucleoSpin® 96 Tissue automated on Tecan Fluent®

Another exciting white paper is published about "Automated DNA extraction from cartilage and milk samples for genotyping". Read the report and discuss it with your team.

Application note



Events and exhibitions

Our upcoming seminar and tradeshow during autumn is here. Make sure that you pre-book a meeting with our product specialist when you're there or nearby this area. We can help you with a consultation about products and equipment, or if you're lucky you get to see a demo of our instruments.

SciLifeLab Mini Seminar
Stockholm, september (date TBD)

Lab 18
Lillestrøm, Norway, 16 - 18 october

Kolmården, Sweden, 18 - 19 october

SciLifeLab Mini Seminar
Stockholm, November (date TBD)

More exhibitions


Use the form below for Pre-book meeting during exhibitions.

Since 1975 we have provided laboratories working with DNA, RNA and proteins with innovative instruments and consumables. Techtum is especially appreciated for skilled fast personal contact and a trusted support also after purchase.
Our goal is that You, as our customer, is offered innovative/smart/cost effective products to help you in your research or diagnostics.
Our motivation is that You should feel that we are giving you that little extra in the form of better service and support than what you can get elsewhere.
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SE-131 30 Nacka 
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