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FastGene FAS-V - Touch the Blue/Green LED revolution

For documentation of DNA/RNA, Proteins, Petri dishes & Membranes.

Key Features
  • Very sensitive 2MPixel CCD-Camera (0.13 Lux)
  • 10.4" Touchscreen display
  • Huge 26 x 21 cm Blue/Green and White LED Transilluminators

  • Detection of red and green DNA/RNA dyes
  • Detection of protein bands
  • Documentation of Petri dishes and Membranes

Unique Excitation Technology

Blue/Green LED Transilluminator
  • Blue/Green LED technology enables the detection of red and green DNA dyes
  • Huge imaging area is 26 cm x 21 cm big and has a superb uniform transillumination
  • 12 LED arrays at each side 

White LED Transilluminator
  • The detection of protein is possible due to the very large white LED table (26 cm x 21 cm).
  • It can be directly controlled by the touchscreen.

White LED Room light
  • The documentation of membranes and Petri dishes is done by switching on the room light LED.
  • Two perfectly placed LED arrays illuminate the whole imaging box.

Optical Unit

Very sensitive CCD-Sensor

The FastGene® FAS-V has a big CCD-Sensor, manufactured in Japan, with a diameter of 1/1.8“:
  • Pixel size of 4.4 µm allows the detection of lowest light signal (0.13 Lux*)
  • Images can be recorded in the common TIFF and JPEG as well as in BMP and PNG format
  • The files can be stored in the 16 GB internal SSD storage or on a USB-stick.
  • Exposure time of the sensor can be set from 0.001 sec up to 30 sec.

*Clarity of a normal day is between 20 000 and 100 000 Lux 

Very bright parfocal lens - no more focusing:
  • The lens of the FastGene® FAS-V is parfocal, as most microscopic lenses. This enables you to zoom in to the area of interest without having to readjust the focus which is preinstalled to the imaging area.
  • Huge aperture* of f/1.2, regulated steplessly, enables the transmission of huge amount of light to the sensor.
  • The 6 x zoom, with a focal length of 12.5 mm to 75 mm, allows a perfect enlargement of the area of interest.

*opening of the lens iris

Touchscreen Operation 

The FastGene® FAS-V is controlled by a 10.4" touchscreen display:

  • All three light sources can be activated and deactivated by the touchscreen.
  • The exposure time and Gain can be adjusted slide function or by directly adding the desired value.
  • Capturing the image can be achieved easily by pressing capture

The FastGene® FAS-V will not only take 1 picture but 6 simultaneously using different exposure times. The user can then decide which one to use.

The chosen image is then saved in JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PNG-format (BMP is selected in the image).

Image Editing

Recorded images can be directly edited in the FastGene® FAS-V:
  • Cropping the image
  • Adjusting contrast
  • Rotation of the image clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • Vertically and horizontally mirroring of the image
  • Inverting black and white   


The FastGene® FAS-V can be directly connected to a network using the 100 MBits Ethernet port.

The internal 16 GB storage can be expandable using common USB-sticks.

The FastGene® FAS-V comes with the driver for the Mitsubishi P95D driver preinstalled, for perfect gel documentation on side.
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