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4titude’s new FrameStrip™ PCR tube strips are a two-component design, combining the advantages of thin-walled tubes for optimum PCR results and a rigid frame portion for easy and reliable handling.
For the tubes we use polypropylene which provides the most efficient heat transfer, as well as an inert surface with low binding capabilities for nucleic acids, proteins and other molecules. By moulding the frame portion in a more rigid polymer the mechanical stability of the strip has been greatly improved compared with traditional single piece products.
  Colour Options

For colour coding of experiments we offer the strips in 5 frame colours, all with clear tubes and for optical assays such as QPCR we supply strips with white wells in black frames.  FrameStrips™ are available with either domed cap strips or with flat, optically clear caps and are compatible with the majority of thermal cyclers.  End tabs allow for easy handling and labelling of the strips.
  2D Barcoding & Reader

The products are also available with an off-the-shelf 2D bar code offering an endless supply of unique code combinations. 4titude’s 2D reader together with the user-friendly software allows for reliable and convenient sample management. Fast and accurate reading is guaranteed via the built in error correction with data redundancy.
For more information, visit 4titude's webpage or take a look under the brochures tab
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