Cell freezing medium – Bambanker HRM

Nippon Genetics
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Cryopreservation, including freezing and thawing, becomes very important for cell culture technology. Cryopreservation of primate ES and iPS cells is very severe and difficult compared to murine or other cells. At present, vitrification method is considered adequate for primate ES/iPS cell, although slow-freezing method using DMSO has been popular for a wide variety of cell lines. Vitrification method needs special skills and has to avoid dry ice transportation.  To address these problems, we developed a new freezing medium (BambankerTM HRM) containing Human Serum Albumin and DMSO for primate ES/iPS cells.

BambankerTM HRM provides efficient cryopreservation and dry ice transportation for primate ES/iPS cells. Moreover, as BambankerTM HRM is a xeno-free and chemically defined, it may be useful for a lot of different applications where hES/iPS cells are involved

Contents: 20 ml Freezing media Bambanker - HRM

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