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Hot start • Extremely “difficult” PCR • Long range PCR

PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase has been engineered for the amplification of extremely difficult templates. The latest polymerase developments are combined with proprietary hot start technology to deliver outstanding performance for all your PCR applications. Whether your template is long, GC/AT rich, in low abundance or contains PCR inhibitors, PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase is able to rise to the challenge.

  • Increased PCR success rates with amplicons up to 35kb
  • Proprietary hot start technology for unrivalled detection of low copy number templates
  • Advanced buffer chemistry including Mg and dNTPs
  • High yields under standard and fast PCR conditions
  • Efficient specific amplification from complex templates including GC rich and AT rich sequences
  • 2.5 fold higher fidelity than Taq
  • Stable at 25°C and 37°C for 2 weeks

  • Long range PCR - up to 35kb
  • Next generation re-sequencing
  • “Difficult” PCR - GC/AT rich DNA
  • Crude sample PCR
  • Colony PCR
  • Low copy template detection
  • Multiplex PCR
  • TA cloning

Long Range PCR
PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase utilises proprietary modifications to enhance processivity. Combined with advanced buffer chemistry, PCR can be successfully performed on amplicons as long as 35kb on lambda DNA. On more complex templates such as genomic DNA, PCRBIO Ultra Polymerse can still perform but over a shorter distance.

Hot Start
PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase is inactive at room temperature thanks to PCRBIO’s antibody-mediated hot start
formulation. “Hot start” is a term used to describe the inactivation of a DNA polymerase until the initial activation step at 95°C. Inactivation below 65°C prevents primer dimer formation and non-specific amplification allowing for specific amplification from low copy number target sequences. Our antibody-mediated hot start technology offers improved specificity and sensitivity compared to other methods.

PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase uses the latest developments in DNA polymerase technology and buffer chemistry to enhance PCR speed, yield and specificity. The enzyme and buffer system allow for superior PCR performance on complex templates such as mammalian genomic DNA. PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase performs consistently well on a broad range of templates including both GC and AT rich. It is sufficiently robust to work consistently well under “difficult” conditions, such as when inhibitors are present. Colony PCR and crude sample PCR can be successfully performed using PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase.

For added convenience PCRBIO Ultra Polymerase is also available as a 2x ready mix. PCRBIO Ultra Mix Red contains a red dye suitable for direct loading and tracking during agarose gel electrophoresis.
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