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ACSIA line combines efficiency and profitability

With the aim to increase your productivity, avoid contamination and improve work efficiency PRIMADIAG’s ACSIA line offers a new concept of robots which is simple, modular and affordable. This system relies on a set of robotic bases and accessories that can be combined to support a given biological protocol. Robust and reliable, it is managed by a powerful and designed for everyone software, PrimaController® II.

The ACSIA product line is designed with the best value for money to perform a wide variety of liquid handling protocols with the lowest effort from the end user and a mastered cost for a fast return on investment.

Features of ACSIA line
ACSIA line is connected by USB to a computer (provided with our Editions) and managed by the PrimaController®II. It comes in two sizes ACSIA and ACSIA XS which fit with your bench.

ACSIA is the biggest of our platforms. With 16 SBS positions, it allows performing some complex protocols by adding numerous modules to its workspace like our shaker or our magnetic work unit. It also can integrate one or two 1- or 8- channels pipettes for a better flexibility in your protocols.

ACSIA NGS LibPrepEdition
ACSIA NGS LibPrepEdition allows you to perform 96 samples without human intervention during your libraries preparations. To do so, it operates from just after the fragmentation up through the final PCR amplification. It is in this last step at the end of the process that a sufficient quantity of interesting fragments is obtained. Moreover, with our software and its innovative SMT technology, it ensures lower process costs by reducing the quantity of tips used during your manipulations. ACSIA NGSLibPrepEdition minimizes the use of your reagents and consumables during your processes and prevents waste. It also ensures minimal sample loss during treatment. At the end of your processes the yield with ACSIA NGS LibPrep Edition is increased by 20% over manual treatment and process costs are highly reduced.

 Video: Perform all your processes NGS with ACSIA NGS Edition

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