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Meet Rob™



Rob™ have a 12 position deck, eleven plate positions and one tip ejection position. The large work deck is capable of holding enough tips boxes and sample plates for 384 PCR/QPCR set-ups.  Micro plates and tip boxes fits direct without use of adapters. The anodized aluminium deck provides an easy clean surface that withstands most cleaning and decontamination liquids. 
Pipette tips are collected on the outside of the cabinet in a plastic bag that clips on to the tip slide or directly in a waste container. No need to empty containers with used tips, just seal the bag and clip on another.




Rob™ have volume range starting at 0.5 µl ranging up to 200 µl made of inert glass and Teflon® material. The piston in the syringe pump has long travel distance which means that the piston moves longer for each µl than other solutions. This allows for highest precision when dispensing low volumes. Multi dispense performance is also significant better. 

Rob™ have liquid tracking function for dispense and aspirate which means that the pipette tip follows the surface during aspiration and dispensing. This minimizes the immersion depth which is one parameter to maximize precision. 




Liquid level detection 

Rob™ utilizes pressure based liquid level detection, generally referred to as Liquid Level Sense (LLS) system. The syringe pump moves air through the pipette tip when moving down to the liquid. The pressure difference when the pipette tip hits the liquid surface is detected and liquid level is determined.    

The LLS system of Rob™ has an innovative solution that eliminates problems cause by residual volume in pipette tips making LLS more reliable.  





General liquid handling
The software has pre-selected liquid handling parameters which allows for quick and easy set-up of liquid handling protocols, even for unexperienced users. 
Just follows these three simple steps:




  1. Select plastic ware by choosing them from a menu with images and drag them to the position they are placed on.   
  2. Mark the source positions and drag them to the target plate, rack or tube.
  3. Enter volume and press run. If needed, enter number of replicates and dispense direction.

QPCR set-up
Rob™ comes with step-by-step QPCR set-up software, both for research and clinical applications. Enter reaction volume and define the content of you QPCR mix. The software will automatically calculate and prepare QPCR mix, controls and dilutions series. Once the reaction is set only sample numbers is necessary to enter, the software handles the rest. Several tests pre-defined clinical tests or research set-up can be handled on the same plate. Mark samples of interest, drag to QPCR reaction plate and assign the test/ reaction. Samples and controls will automatically be processed and located on the plate on requested positions. 


Vi har sedan 1975 försett laboratorier som arbetar med DNA, RNA och proteiner med instrument och förbrukningsvaror. Techtum uppskattas speciellt för kunnig snabb personlig kontakt och trygghet även efter köp. 
Vårt mål är att du som kund erbjuds innovativa/smarta/kostnadseffektiva produkter som hjälper dig i din forskning eller diagnostik.
Vår motivation är att du som kund ska känna att vi ger dig det där extra i form av bättre service och support än vad du kan få på annat håll.
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